University and College Admission

  • Full-time students: One of FutureSkills teachers tutoring her student, who is studying at FutureSkills private secondary School in Toronto, CanadaFor all our full-time students who wish to continue onto postsecondary education both in Ontario and elsewhere, our administrative and guidance team will forward all necessary records to relevant university/college application systems (OUAC/OCAS) and provide assistance with the application process. Specific application information will be sent out to full-time students in grade 12 in the months of October and November during each academic year. Please consult with our administrative and guidance team for further information.
  • Part-time students: Part-time students studying at FutureSkills High School who are currently in their 12th grade must provide our main office with their OUAC or OCAS reference numbers, or their postsecondary institution student numbers when available. The final marks for all courses taken at FutureSkills High School will then be forwarded accordingly to the relevant application system(s) or institution(s).