We are pleased to inform you that we will be offering summer credits during two summer months. A variety of High School Credit Courses are offered during the months of July 2020 and August 2020. The courses are offered online (virtual) or blended (a combination of online and private one on one sessions).

Toronto High School has been inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Credit Courses and High School Diplomas issued by Toronto High School, are accepted by all Canadian universities and Colleges.

We offer extensive number of online (virtual) credit courses for grades 9 - 12. Our summer school courses deliver a full semester’s worth of instruction over an intensive eight weeks sessions during July and August. Students can choose to take any of the following courses to recover from a low grade or to simply read ahead:

Math grade 9 (MPM1D and MPM1P) Math grade 10 (MPM2D and MPM2P), Functions (MCR3U) Functions and Application (MCF3M), Advanced Functions (MHF4U), Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U), Mathematics of Data Management (MDM4U),

Science Gr. 9 (SNC1D and SNC1P), Science Gr. 10 (SNC2D and SNC2P), Biology Gr. 11 (SBI3U and SBI3C), Bio Gr. 12 (SBI4U and SBI4C), Chemistry Gr. 11 (SCH3U and SCH3C), Chemistry Gr. 12 (SCH4U and SCH4C), Physics Gr. 11 (SPH3U and SPH3C), Physics Gr. 12 (SPH4U and SPH4C),

English as a Second Language (ESLAO, ESLBO, ESLCO, ESLDO, ESLEO),

English academic and Applied (ENG1D, ENG1P, ENG2D, ENG2P, ENG3U, ENG3C, ENG4U, ENG4C),

French grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 (FSF1D, FSF2D, FSF3U and FSF4U)

Families in Canada (HHS4), Nutrition and Health (HFA4U) International Business (BBB4M), Economics (CIA4U), Writer’s Craft (EWC4U), Canadian and World Issues (CGW4U), Exercise Science (PSE4U)

Arts (AVI1O, AVI2O, AVI3M, AVI4M, ASM1O, ASM2O, ASM3M and ASM4M), Computers (ICS2O, ICS3U, ICS4U, TEJ3M, TEJ4M),
International Languages such as: Farsi 12 (LYGDU), Chinese 12 (LKADU), Arabic grade 11 (LYACU), Arabic grade 12 (LYADU), Korean 12 (LKKDU) and Spanish LWSDU.

Toronto High School' student taking summer courses in July and AugustDue to the intensive nature of the summer 8 weeks programs, students are expected to be punctual and participate daily by loning in through Moodle .  All assignments and projects must be completed and submitted to school on time, well before the deadlines.

Students taking online courses and commute from Toronto, Etobicoke, Brampton, Mississauga, Thornhill, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Maple, Markham, and Vaughan are required to attend one our campuses for their final exam.  Here is the Google Map showing Toronto High School located at 9555 Yonge Street, Suite 307, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4C 9M5 Canada.

Should you have any question, we cordially invite you to visit us and see Toronto High School in operation. Alternatively, contact us at 416-227-1177 (Richmond Hill Location), or continue surfing our resourceful and informative website.   This website is updated daily.